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The "Diet Blues"



Beat the Diet Blues Tossed Salad My name is Paul. I am not a doctor ... I am not a dietician ... I am not a famous TV star or Movie Star or Doctor Star with a new TV Show to show off my expertise ... I am just an everyday guy who has experienced some issues just like a few billion other folks out there in the world that have had weight and/or health problems. I would like to share my story and information with you.

Yeh, we all know ...


The "Diet Blues" con'd.

Yeh, we all know, there are many diets out there. As seen on TV ... heard on the radio ... browsed on the Internet ... and more. And with no disrespect to the thousands of diets out there that may have helped many people, I know that they may not all be for everyone. So what good is another diet website or book going to do for you? Hmmm, I see ... you've probably tried a number of those diets and they didn't work as you hoped. They may have worked for someone else, but not for you. So what have you got to lose now (pun intended)? My guess is you probably still want to lose some weight and improve your lifestyle through a healthier diet. Now as I mentioned, I am not a doctor, but I have made my diagnosis ... and you my friend have got ... (dramatic pause) ... the "Diet Blues".

Now, before you begin a diet, I do encourage you to visit your doctor to see there's anything going on you need to be aware of. After a physical at the end of 2016, my doctor told me through bloodwork that I was borderline diabetic and had some other issues we had to fix. He said we can do this with drugs or diet, which do I prefer? While my complete story is "in the works", let me just say this. Because I selected "diet", in the following 6 months, I lost 55 pounds, raised my "T" level, lowered my cholesterol and triglycerides, "cured" myself of the onset of diabetes and learned how to simply eat better and healthier, following the simple diet my doctor prescribed. I did not pay for any diet plans or daily diet food subscriptions, follow Internet diet websites or anything of that nature. I merely kept things simple and easy to follow.

Now ... I want to help you lose the weight you want to lose. First, pick a target weight goal to want to achieve. We'll keep it simple and you don't have to be a fancy chef. You may have to follow a few directions (if you are a guy I know that's difficult) and follow a Menu. Also, remember ... these are the foods, beverages, products and recipes (as have been requested) that I selected that worked for me. Feel free to make "adjustments" to your diet that also work to help you lose weight.

Oh ... and ONE LAST THING. Be Commited to Yourself and your Diet ... and find your motivation to stick to it! That's the thing that's alway seems to be missing in most diets. The COMMITMENT to get on the diet and stay on the diet until you achieve your weight goal. If you can do those things and commit to using my simple diet, I will help you Beat the "Diet Blues".













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