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Of course, water is the best beverage for everyone and you may drink water with your meals. And as they say, don't drink your calories. But sometimes you still want something sweet to drink. You'll want to avoid sugar and artificial sweeteners. Here are some beverages that I have found with natural sweeteners like Stevia, Erythritol and Monk Fruit that can satisfy your sweet tooth and thirst with little or zero calories!

Beat the Diet Blues Zevia Soda Pop            Beat the Diet Blues Blue Sky Soda Pop           Beat the Diet Blues Live Soda Pop           Beat the Diet Blues Coca Cola Life           Beat the Diet Blues Bai Antioxident Infusion Drinks            Beat the Diet Blues Kool Aid with Splenda Stevia          



Additional Sweetener Info ...

Be sure to look for beverages that have no or little sugar and no artificial sweeteners.











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